Native Prairie Plants

IMG_5717Prairies are the rarest ecosystem in the United States, but you don’t have to plant a thousand acres to make a difference. Plant native prairie plants because they are resilient, because they feed native bees and provide cover for wildlife, or plant them because they’re beautiful.

We grow over 100 species of native prairie plants in the sand plains of Minnesota. Every fall, we harvest seeds. Some we sell and some we use to replenish areas of our land that need restoration. In the spring, we take any unsold seeds and return them to the prairie. Our seeds are always fresh!

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Seed Mixes

Wildlife Forage Mix
Flower Prairie Mix

Native Ferns

Sensitive Fern

Prairie Flowers

Black Eyed Susan
Round Headed Bush Clover
Anise Hyssop
Spotted Bee Balm
Common Milkweed
Butterfly Weed
Stiff Goldenrod
Gray Goldenrod
Showy Goldenrod
Purple Prairie Clover
White Prairie Clover
Hoary Vervain
Lead Plant
White wild indigo
Canada Milkvetch
Golden Alexanders
White Yarrow
Tower Mustard
Wild Petunia
Partridge Pea
Prairie Onion

Prairie Grasses

Indian Grass
Big Bluestem
Canadian Wild Rye
Purple Love Grass
Side Oats Grama