Our Story

Duffy Meadows began in 2016 with the dream of building a sustainable tree & berry farm, mixed wildlife habitat, and research apiary in the sand plains of Minnesota.

Our goals? To improve the quality, hardiness, and availability of edible plants. To enhance long term honey bee health. And to provide knowledge so that others can successfully integrate agriculture with wildlife habitat

We spent the first few years, restoring the tilled acreage to native prairie and cleaning up years of farm debris (nails, sheet metal, rotten boards, equipment, nails, barbed wire, old appliances, and nails.) Buckets and buckets of nails have been removed from the ground, and we are still finding them!

Then we started planting trees.DD08584E-083A-4B67-827C-28F9D44076FD

We’ve planted hundreds of trees – balsam fir, blue spruce, frasier fir, maples, hackberries, redbuds, American Lindens, pears, black walnuts, mulberry, buffaloberry, nannyberry, chestnuts, cherries, plums, willows, and apples…. We will continue to plant, graft, splice, grow, and sell trees.

All of our trees, shrubs and prairie plants are bred to withstand the harshest conditions. Minnesota is well known for its brutal winters, but the sand plains take it up a notch with blisteringly dry summers and intense winds

Visit our shopping page to buy seeds from our plants. Contact us directly for larger seed orders.

Duffy Meadows is a unique environment for raising honey bees. Isolated and surrounded by oak/aspen/hazel forest, pine barrens, wetlands, sand dunes, wild prairies, and farmlands, we are using the land to research and improve honey bee health.

Over time, this land will bear much fruit – both in scientific discoveries and actual fruit!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!