The Best Beekeeping Books for Beginners

Getting started with honey bees? There is much to learn! Read on to find books that will help you become a better beekeeper.

Before we get started, it’s important to note that beekeeping is best learned in a “hands-on” environment. Most beekeepers are helpful people and will gladly share their knowledge with you. However, beekeeping is complex and ever changing and most keepers would appreciate it if you come to them with at least some basic knowledge. Nobody wants to waste their time answering things you could easily learn by spending a few minutes reading. Plus – you don’t know what you don’t know!

Good beekeepers neeed knowledge from 3 main areas: Bee biology, Forage sources, and Beekeeping practices. Here are the best of those categories:

Bee Biology

Forage Sources

Beekeeping Practices

Beekeeping is a warm season activity, so we often find ourselves with many restless winter months. It’s best to use this time improving our knowledge and planning our spring apiary adventures.

Just for Fun

Check out some of these great books. Many are free for download from and the others can be found at amazon or your local library.

Remember to visit your local beekeeping club, find a mentor, or take a class to get the real world experience needed to succeed.


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